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Why did you pick this role as the one to break out in? I wanted to make this movie because it was my baby and I wanted it to be something I’d be proud. Do you see why people compare it to “Risky Business? I think it has some sort of appeal that can relate back to those movies, movies that I loved growing up watching. The inner tube scene was originally supposed to be me naked and I was like, “Can I have a garbage bag diaper?

That’s definitely what we wanted to have from this movie. ” And they were like “No,” and Luke said I could have an inner tube. ’He’s a good guy who hasn’t broken out of his shell yet.

1’s “Bonnie & Clyde” premiere party, hosted by A&E, Lifetime, History Channel, and Gotham Magazine.

American television and film actor, whose works include "Wild Iris" (2001), "Into the Wild" (2007), "Milk" (2008), "The Autopsy of Jane Doe" (2016), and the A&E networks simulcast miniseries "Bonnie & Clyde" (2013).It’s different from “24” where you wear the same thing all the time. I was doing “24” and loved that character and felt like that character for a very long time and wanted to do something a little more hands on as opposed to “Old School” and “Love Actually,” which were very important to me and my career, but this is a little different. It’s a little deeper than your typical teen comedy, or whatever you want to call it.And working really hard at becoming a different character. It was like really nerve-wracking because I wasn’t sure at the end of the day if I’d be able to pull it off. Why do teen romantic comedy movies like this appeal to audiences? It has a lot more to do with life and experiences and relationships.“It’s the ultimate romance, of scorning the world for each other, of [being] anti-establishment, there for each other,” gushed Holliday Grainger, who plays Bonnie Parker, the film’s titular femme fatale.“True love, especially first love, can be so tumultuous and passionate that it feels like a violent journey.” Emile Hirsch had no trouble connecting with the timelessness of his role as Clyde Barrow.

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“They became these folk hero, ‘Robin Hood’-like figures that represented the pitch of what…

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