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Now, Beijing opera has become one of the largest influential opera form in the world.

Characterized by its rich characters, sophisticated performing skills and overwhelming momentum, Beijing opera has become an representative of Chinese opera.

"EMPEROR OF INDIAN CINEMA" "ONE MAN ARMY OF INDIAN CINEMA" Rajinikanth sir is the GOD OF INDIAN CINEMA! Are you kidding Vijay, Hrithik Roshan, Mohanlal are better then Bachan.

China is a large tourist country with profound culture.

When visiting China, exploring Chinese culture is what you can not miss.

Chinese culture page offers the most glorious essence of Chinese culture, such as Chinese cuisine, Chinese table manners, Chinese zodiac signs, Chinese tea culture, Kongfu, Beijing opera and the likes.

Read the classic Chinese culture and discover the essence of China.

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" May 25, 2006 -- The world's leading causes of death in 2001 were heart disease and stroke, according to a new study on global health.

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