Ps3 has problems updating

Hi there, I have been experiencing issues trying to successfully install the game update for Spartacus Legends.

I am able to download and install the game itself, but when it starts up I am requested to install update 1.01 before I can get any further.

I'm not sure why I was prompted to download it already. : DThanks to GB for existing because I was using google to try and find the problem and then I found this. Because I'm a fucking mad-man I braved the waters and updated and can confirm I successfully did so. Just wanted to throw out a not so ominous result from updating.But even when you turn on the controller when it's not near a PS3 it at least has the blinking red lights. Station/status/347141681042309120I just came across that too!I tried hard resetting the system and it says I have 4.45 I believe. My controllers aren't synced anymore, the thing just boots up (doesn't show that safety disclaimer anymore) and sits there like a screensaver. I would absolutely have gone ahead with that update tonight if I hadn't seen this, that's a huge bummer.That sucks though duder I hope you at the very least had save backups in the cloud or on a USB stick? I haven't had to update either, but it's been a few hours since I was on my ps3. I even just tried plugging my controller into the system and the controller won't even turn on then. Must not be mandatory though because I never got prompted to update.I might just leave it off for the rest of the night and see if this firmware update is killing everyone's ps3s. Like it killed the controller too or can't find the PS3 or something. For what its worth though looked on Game FAQS message board and there was one guy who was complaining about the same thing.

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We are currently investigating the issue, and will be sure to update you as soon as more information becomes available. Game runs fine UNLESS on PSN, then constant hangs at character load.

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