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Hector Rico must remain in state prison for at least 24 years for raping a preteen girl and getting her pregnant, a three-judge state Superior Court panel decided Friday.

Our daughter thought of them as hers, but they were actually someone else’s first.

And so it barely registered when this same daughter, now nearly 11, mentioned that she was devoted to the My Little Pony TV show, a cartoon on Discovery Family, a channel formerly known as the Hub and partly owned by Hasbro. She watched it all the time, this 22-minute toy ad, racing through her homework to catch an episode before bed.

You have to take care of those feelings somehow, and I learned to masturbate at a young age.

As Chinese investment turns this mineral-rich region into a cash cow, does the ancient culture have any hope of survival?

Like you, I suppose, I never gave My Little Pony very much thought, except to note it as a species of annoying plastic object that flows into our apartment with an invisible tide and then gets stuck there and never flows out.

“Multiple punishment was properly imposed upon (Rico) for committing multiple, independent violations of (the law),” Strassburger wrote.

As a result, Rico will remain in State Correctional Institution-Forest, where he is serving his sentence.

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