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The variety in shape and decoration is almost unlimited.

Duco For over three centuries the clay tobacco pipe has been a popular smokers requisite.

If this is your desired silhouette, the following makers and purveyors will be able to assist you – and some even offer the extremely rare pipestem silhouette! The round rib Gemini is one of the only off-the-rack options for those who prefer a cupped rib and dramatic silhouette.

Corset makers: If you have made any extreme hourglass or pipestem corsets and you would like to be added to the gallery, you’re welcome to email me with your pictures here. Offering an 8-inch spring in the underbust, 6-inch spring in the lower (floating ribs), and accommodating up to a 16-inch hip spring, I’m proud to be able to offer this piece for in my shop, so you can test if the round rib silhouette is right for you, even if you’re on a budget.

In 1890 his son Carlo Savinelli succeeded him for about 50 years. (1918-1987) in association with Enea Buzzi started pipe production in Brebbia.

Websites cataloguing pipe logos usualy propose drawn reproductions.

A photographic representation, even if not as precise as a drawing, is closer to reality.

These white ceramic pipe stems and bowls were used throughout the 17th and 18th centuries to smoke tobacco. The size of the borehole in the stem changed through time from large to small.

White clay pipes were made in Europe, while red clay pipes were manufactured locally.

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