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Its reflective surface is an easy way to tell the difference between a daguerreotype and an early photograph taken using a different technique.

The image is made of a combination of silver and mercury, resting on that plate.

Several Japanese also learned photographic techniques and began taking pictures of their own.

Nagasaki University’s collection represents a large sample of the photographs taken during this era. It consists simply of the photographs themselves, with no commentary beyond the brief captions that accompany each picture.

In addition, clothing, photographer's imprints and even the photographic technique can help you place the photograph in a timeframe.

Since few people can identify all clues in the picture, assigning a date will probably require a trip to the reference department of a large public or academic library.

Daguerre was the first person to publicly announce a successful method of capturing images.

His invention was an immediate hit, and France was soon gripped by ‘daguerreotypomania’.

Yes, it's difficult when there is not a name on the back of the photo, but it is not impossible.

The following are some steps to consider in identifying your old photos.

A few years back, I was involved in selling scrapbook supplies.

Is it possible to determine whether a photograph was taken in the last years of the nineteenth century or the first few years of the twentieth century? Dating a photograph requires you to use your best genealogical research techniques, but it can be done.

You need to research every photographic clue and follow the leads to uncover the truth that is usually hidden in the elements of the photograph. Photographs offer many clues about ancestral lives, if you know what to look for. Then, using a magnifying glass, sweep across the image making notes of any details.

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Nowadays we often refer to any old-looking, sepia-tinted photograph as a ‘daguerreotype’.

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