Ms dhoni dating asin

MUMBAI: The intimacy of Ms Dhoni and Asin has gripped the media’s interest in South and their love has spilled to a greater height when he was caught outside her house according to the source’s information.

And it was in Aurangabad that Sakshi first saw Dhoni.We hope that you guys are satisfied with the information provided by the portal.For latest Bollywood gossips, Masala news , upcoming movies stay tuned with Helpsutra as this Sutra is meant for your help. It was speculated that something serious has been cooked up between Dhoni and Asin after he was spotted at Asin’s house at Lokhandwala.Dhoni went to Asin’s house and had a gala time with her watching the semi-final match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Mumbai Indians. Two days back, he again headed for Asin’s apartment and stayed there for an hour and a half.

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Dhonis marriage came in as a heart break for millions of Dhonis girl lovers as they were lamenting about Dhonis wedding with Sakshi Rawat.

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