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The guy had a really bad break-up with his girlfriend and now he is living in a motel.Max please get help, I love you brother and I don’t want to see you die.But according to Louanne, it's holding you back from finding love in the short term and long term.Common phrases used include 'I can't meet anybody because I work really long hours, I work shift work, I work away, all my friends are married, I don't want to meet somebody in a bar, I don't like internet dating, Tinder doesn't work'.'This is not true,' Louanne said.

I’m not sure if you actually know Max but the dude needs serious help.'You can meet people, you are just stuck on that part of the mouse wheel.'According to Louanne, 'deserve levels' that are too high can hold you back from meeting the right people.'When they are preventing you because you are holding people responsible for the things that have happened to you in the past, it's an unrealistic expectation of a new person,' Louanne explained.'Everybody gets to come in with a clean slate.We haven't heard much on the subject since (except for a drunk karaoke video featuring Hodges on You Tube), but Hodges is still alive and kickin', so that's a good sign. Max Hodges recently did an interview with Locale Magazine and talked about life before TMZ, stating: I grew up in Santa Cruz, California, surfing and skating and enjoying that great place.Later that year, Hodges quit TMZ, posting this tweet: Last day at TMZ. I moved to LA after high school, thinking hair metal was alive and well on the strip, but boy, was I wrong.

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Perth's millionaire matchmaker, Louanne Ward, recently talked about the five simple phrases that are keeping people on what she describes as the 'dating mouse wheel'.

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