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I'd love to know the truth about why it didn't work out so that I could stop making excuses for exes — and for myself. Plus, guys are probably all just going to say “great.” But I think we all get nervous about how we are in bed. So, while I clearly have some insecurities that I would like to get some clarity on, the lasso of truth does not exist and this probably isn't going to happen.How would I act in a future relationship if I knew all this?By now, we all know what the term “sexting” refers to, but if you don't, it's sending nude or scandalous photos of oneself to lovers, hopeful lovers, etc.

But in the US, even if you’ve already met the parents and attended the best friend’s wedding, you’re still not in a committed relationship until it is verbally awarded to you. Some people go into dating with a list of their “requirements.” People obviously make these lists based on their previous experiences. What’s the best/strangest place for dates around here? I also have some fool-proof pick-up strategies but I’ll leave the guys to find those for themselves.

Maybe you are looking for a better half, or you just want to find a friend to talk to.

Someone you can share your inner thoughts with, without fearing you will be judged.

And overall, it's looked at as something very negative and receives tons of judgement.

However, despite legalities and privacy concerns, studies concluded 9 percent of adult cell phone users have sent a sext, and 20 percent have received a sext.

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This information definitely suggests less judging and more educating.

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  1. But with so many websites, apps and events to choose from, it's important to establish exactly what's hot, and what's not. We're not embarrassed to admit to online dating, and will happily turn speed dating into an excuse for a girls' night out.