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May 15, 2017, West Caldwell, NJ A woman was outed to her employer by U. Saily Avelenda of West Caldwell was a senior vice president at Lakeland Bank when her boss informed her of the letter he received from a bank board member, Joseph O’Dowd, who had gotten the message in a fundraising letter from Frelinghuysen.

“I didn’t feel pressured when I was told of the letter – I understood they were caught in the middle of this – but I did feel uncomfortable.

He has consulted on the deaths of President John F. Ryan, a retired New Jersey State Police lieutenant who was running the Morris County Sheriff's Office Crime Scene unit and assisted in the investigation on Apollo Way.

Ryan is an expert in crime scene and blood spatter analysis.

In the letter, Frelinghuysen said his district was being targeted by Democrats because he represented a prime media market that featured highly organized protesters. Attached to the letter was a Politico article Avelenda was quoted in.“When I was shown the letter, I was stunned, Avelenda said.

Frelinghuysen was recently named chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, considered to be one of the most powerful committees in Congress. “I could not believe that my congressman had gone through the trouble to do that.”Frelinghuysen’s office did not respond to emails for comment Monday.

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Cyril Wecht of Pittsburgh as an expert witness at Vertetis's trial on a charge of murdering Patrick Gilhuley of Staten Island at her Apollo Way home on March 3, 2014. Bilinkas said that Wecht will offer opinions about the crime scene and wounds and marks on Vertetis's body after the homicide.

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