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Ben is the only speaker not to be asked a question by the school kids.

Ray Costarella: What on earth was this woman thinking ! She's definitely channelling Dolly Parton, but not in a good way. If you take your blogs with a hint of spice, Daile Pepper will satisfy all your cravings for the latest on dating crazes, Perth's nightlife and health kicks.The other WAG’s on the show are Lynette Bolton, Jana Peterson, Chantelle Raleigh, and Jackie Spong.One aspect of the show that will be interesting will be how the weave the plot line through the girls lives when they live in different cities and their guys play for different sports. (Source: Sunday Telegraph) I thought she looked shocking! Fair play Twigley, this could be the winner, but you do look mighty hungry. Love the necklace, which may or may not be part of the dress? She stated in an interview several weeks ago that due to her changed body shape, she was looking to wear something understated and comfortable in the late stages of pregnancy.... Ticks all the boxes - always a sure bet at the Brownlows. A gorgeous colour on her, hugs her nicely, she's gone all elegant and ladylike and pure glamour. Great colour on her, but I'm not a fan of the cummerbund. 6) Jennifer Hofskin, Docker Aaron Sandilands' new fiance. Were the WAToday Brownlow WAG reviwers aware that Alex Fevola is pregnant?

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Daile Pepper: Aaron Sandilands' fiance looks pretty in this Celestial Tenille floral dress, and the clutch is awesome. Is interesting with that white stripe criss-crossing her body. 8) Stephanie Wakefield, with St Kilda's Brendon Goddard. The white gown punctuated with the black belt is striking. Doesn’t’ work for me Alvin Fernandez: It's studded in all the wrong places and on white!!!!! Daile Pepper: From the woman who brought us the bejewelled G-string dress comes this shiny number. Too shiny, too short, with metallic accessories too. Fair enough he may be having a crisis about his looming end in the nursing home and Im sure this tandoori coloured gold digger is happy to hang around until such time but please keep it in private. Daile You ommitted Andrew Mackie's partner, Georgia Clark, who looked absolutely stunning in a orange/red gown.( Pic is in msn gallery).

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